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Geoprobe Direct Push Rig 7822


Our field crews are equipped with the best available equipment in the industry. We are currently operating four (4) Geoprobe Direct Push Rigs and two (2) Dual Purpose Injection/DPT Transport Rigs, one (1) Enclosed Injection Trailer, and one (1) Limited Access Injection Trailer.

Our team has designed and built nearly 20 Mobile Injection Systems over the past 20 years. Our current systems have several design, performance, and safety improvements that we are very proud of.

Full Sized Injection Trailer

Legacy Remediation's four (4) mobile injection systems: (2) Full Sized Injection Trailer, Enclosed Injection Trailer, and Limited Access Injection Trailer are fully self-contained and have motor control centers, dual mixers, multiple pumps, secondary containment, water transfer and storage, single-phase power, compressed air, hydraulic system and injection monitoring equipment. Our Mixing and pumping systems can achieve injection rates up to 100 GPM and injection pressures up to 1200 PSI. Legacy Remediation can deliver reagents through DPT points or injection wells individually or up to twenty (20) simultaneous locations through our manifold system.

Geoprobe 7822 Direct Push Rig

Legacy Remediation uses Geoprobe's Direct Push Tooling: Geoprobe 7822 Direct Push RigGeoprobe 6011DT Direct Push Rig, Geoprobe 54LT Direct Push Rig, and Geoprobe 420M Direct Push Rig for all subsurface drilling activity. Geoprobe specializes in Direct Push Rigs that use the weight of the vehicle combined with percussion as force for advancing a tool string. Our Geoprobe Direct Push Rigs mobilize easily and are manufactured in a light weight design, aiding in minimal impact on the surroundings and environment.

If you have any questions on our equipment or if we can help support any of your current or upcoming projects, feel free to contact us.


Legacy Remediation Southern California Office



2140 South Santa Fe Street

Santa Ana, California 92705

(714) 494-6609

Legacy Remediation Northern California Office


685 Stone Road, Suite 18

Benicia, CA 94510


(925) 226-8181

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