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ISCO Well Injection using PersulfOx and Sodium Persulfate

Another successfully completed project by the Legacy Remediation Team at a private undeveloped part of Orange County. Working under the direction of a regional environmental consultant, this groundwater remediation project included two different ISCO treatment chemistries. One area involved the injection of PersulfOx provided by Regenesis and the other involved the injection of Sodium Permanganate.

We started the project off with the Sodium Permanganate Injection.

Since the job site was along a rarely used road on private property, we were able to set up in tandem on one side of the street.

Sodium Permanganate Tote

The 40% Sodium Permanganate liquid was delivered to the site in 3,000 lb IBC totes.

Lowering GW Pump inside 2" Well

Our mix water was made up partially from groundwater pumped from nearby monitoring wells.

Legacy deployed stainless steel groundwater pumps into the selected monitoring wells.

Groundwater Extraction Manifold

The groundwater pumping rate was controlled and monitored a using our 10-point groundwater extraction manifold.

The groundwater was collected and stored in a 750 gallon poly tank.

2,000 gal Water Truck with two (2) 1,000 gal Water Tanks

The majority of our mix water for this project was be shuttled to the work area with a water truck, and offloaded into our dual 1,000 gallon tanks.

Fire Hydrant with Construction Meter

The nearest hydrant was located in a neighborhood approximately 3 miles away.

Legacy coordinated with the local water utility company to install the construction meter.

PersulfOx Injection Trailer

Following the Sodium Persulfate Injection, we transitioned to the PersulfOx Injection.

We used a different Injection Trailer, that is equipped with dual 150 gallon stainless steel mix tanks that are better suited to mix the soild PersulfOx material.

PersulfOx Pallet

The Regenesis PersulfOx product comes with a built-in catalyst activator.

PersulfOx is a solid powder reagent, delivered in 55.1 lb bags.

Well Injection Adaptor

We used our standard Well Head connection adapter to connect to the Injection Wells.

We had some very long hose runs out to the Injection Wells. Some of the runs were well over 700 feet.

We were injecting up to 10 Wells simultaneously, so we had well over 4,000 feet of Injection hose onsite.

Kubota 4x4 Diesel RTV

Our diesel 4x4 utility vehicle was key piece of equipment onsite.

The UTV greatly reduced the field crew stress required to manage this much hose, in the hilly terrain.

Legacy Injection Support Truck

The Legacy Remediation Support Truck is just one more example of what truly sets us apart. It allows us to carry and organize our Injection equipment, supplies, PPE, and Tooling in one place. This is just one piece of the puzzle to help our crew maximize onsite safety, efficiency and performance.

Project Highlights

In essence, our injection process involved extracting groundwater, mixing it with hydrant water and either 40% Sodium Permanganate or PersulfOx. The oxidant was then injected into Injection Wells. This groundwater recirculation method helps to improve distribution of the oxidant mixture into the aquifer. This project was not only successful but also a rewarding experience for the entire Legacy Remediation team.


This project is a testament to Legacy Remediation's commitment to safety, quality and performance. With experience and efforts of our field team, we were able overcome onsite challenges, and complete the scope of work for client.

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