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S-Micro Zero-Valent Iron Injection at LA Production Facility

Site Layout - Legacy Large Injection Trailer and Fleet Truck
Site Layout - Legacy Full-Size Injection Trailer Injection Support Truck, Generator, Forklift and Totes of S-MZVI

Working under the direction of a regional environmental consultant, the Legacy Team supported the In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) groundwater treatment approach, using S-MicroZVI provided by Regenesis. This project site was located at an active manufacturing facility in Los Angeles county.

Geoprobe 54LT Track Mounted LAR
Interior view of Legacy Injection Trailer

We utilized one of our full-size Injection Trailers paired with a Legacy support truck and two Track Mounted Geoprobe Direct Push Rigs. With injection points located across the site, some injection point locations were less accessible than others.

Geoprobe 54LT Track Mounted LAR
Offloading the Geoprobe 54LT

Geoprobe 54LT Track Mounted LAR
The Geoprobe 54LT worked good for some of the tighter locations that also had a lower ceiling height. The smaller 54LT Geoprobe unit was still capable of reaching the target treatment interval between 45-60 feet.

Concrete Coring
Concrete Coring was utilized for the Limited Access Locations

Exterior of Production Facility DPT Injection Location
The speed, power and versatility of the Geoprobe 7822 made it perfect for this project.

Exterior of Production Facility DPT Injection Location
Need to get close to the wall?..... no problem.

Exterior of Production Facility DPT Injection Location
Between rows of pallet racks?..... no problem.

Exterior of Production Facility DPT Injection Location
Exterior injection points in a narrow walkway..... no problem.

The S-MicroZVI totes were stored in a spill berm adjacent to our Injection Trailer while mixing.

Monitoring Mixing Tanks

Mixing S-MicroZVI
Mixing S-MicroZVI

Legacy Large Injection Trailer
Monitoring Injection Progress of 4 simultaneous injection points

The best thing about this project, is it's close proximity to a great El Salvadorian restaurant, their Pupusa's are to die for :-)

No complaints from Anthony.

If you have any questions on this project, or if we can help support any of your current or upcoming projects, please contact us. 

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