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NorCal Office Update – Strong Finish to 2023 and Bright 2024 Ahead!

Here are the details on our new office location in Northern California:

Legacy Remediation Northern California Office Details

Exciting news from Legacy Remediation's Northern California office! Our NorCal Team recently wrapped up a successful three-week project in Santa Clara County and is now in the second week of a Remediation project in Alameda County.

As we close out the year, our office is gearing up for a promising 2024 with projects on the calendar for the new year. We want to express our gratitude for the early support and look forward to serving the Northern California region even more.

For all your NorCal Remediation and Drilling needs, contact our experts Jake Wilson and Brandon Moses.

If you have any questions or if we can help support any of your current or upcoming projects, please contact us.

This post can also be viewed on our LinkedIn. Follow Legacy Remediation on LinkedIn to stay up to date on upcoming projects.


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